[strongSwan] Reg: Tunnel Establishment time and Key exchange packets

ramakanth varala ramakanth.varala at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 09:38:44 CEST 2022

Hi ,

I am using strongswan 5.9.5 and able to get a tunnel up and working.

two observations:

1. The tunnel Establishment time always changes every 5 min .
Is this expected?.

2. I see like continuously isakmp packet with ikev2_init[i] on the one of
tunnel end point interface and message like " udp port isakmp unreachable".
Is this any error behaviour?.

As of now when I run ipsec statusall , it gives output with Security
Associations and connection established.

Not sure still , why this key exchange is happening?.

My understanding of tunnel step is as below ,

step1: Key exchange
step2: Using negotiated key exchange set up a SA.
step3: Now on use the negotiated encryption methods to use for
traffic exchange.

Correct me if i am missing anything here.

Thanks in advance
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