[strongSwan] Connect to one site through another

VTwin Farriers vtwin at cox.net
Thu Jul 14 03:27:15 CEST 2022

Its been a while since I've had time to work on this so I am circling back in the hopes someone can help me.

I have 3 sites, A B and C. Each has its own subnet, 192.168.A.x/24, 192.168.B.x/24 and 192.168.C.x/24

Site A and Site C both connect to Site B. This is all working well.

Site A needs to be able to talk to Site C's subnet. However, Site A cannot directly connect to Site C. Traffic to Site C is restricted to certain subnets so while Site B can communicate with Site C, Site A cannot.

I would like to route traffic from Site A for Site C through Site B and conversely have Site C be able to talk to Site A's subnet. Is there a way I can change my swanctl.conf file to allow this?

I tried adding C's subnet to the local and remote_ts configuration for Sites A and B, but this did not work.

Can I accomplish what I am attempting to do w/ strongswan?

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