[strongSwan] tunnel stuck, won’t seem to timeout and can’t manually delete either

FINLEY, DAVID BRIAN df1672 at att.com
Wed Feb 2 16:42:39 CET 2022

We’ve seen this issue a few times. A client connects to a our gateway (running strongswan 5.9.2), the client terminates the tunnel but the tunnel doesn’t get terminated or timeout on the gateway. The “client” is a driver so it may be that it just goes away without properly cleaning up, but it seems like after a few retries, Strongswan would eventually give up and terminate it. The re-key logic may be involved as I see CHILD REKEY and CHILD DELETE tasks shown in the “queued:” line in the swanctl –list-sas output. I attached a file with some pertinent info.
THx for any help.

Dave Finley
df1672 at att.com<mailto:df1672 at att.com>
(630) 719-4391  (desk)
(630) 740-5198  (mobile)

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