[strongSwan] Details of strongSwan on Windows

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1) swanctl does, like charon on any other platform and in any other form. You can configure charon-svc to run swanctl --load-all when it starts or run it manually.
2) Run it as service and as administrator or at least with the necessary rights to access WFP.

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On 19.05.2018 03:21, Billy Buckman wrote:
> Hello,
> I am attempting to flesh out the details of the strongSwan Wiki instructions for strongSwan on Windows. However, I have run into two problems.
> #1. How does swanctl.conf ever get used? Does charon-svc look for it automatically?
> #2. When I invoke charon-svc, I receive errors to say that registering WFP provider failed and libcharon-receiver has an unmet dependency.
> Does anyone know the answer to these problems?
> The documentation of the steps taken to arrive at this stage is at:
> https://bbuckman.github.io/strongswan/2018/05/19/strongswan-windows.html#problems
> Billy.

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