[strongSwan] Support for Routing rule modification via IKE informational requests after IKE tunnel is setup with gateway

Ravi Kanth Vanapalli vvnrk.vanapalli at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 17:02:42 CEST 2016

   I wanted to know if Strongswan supports routing rule modification
through means of IKE Informational requests after the IKE tunnel has been

eg scenario is
i) UE completed IKE_SA_INIT exchange with gateway.
ii) UE completed IKE_AUTH exchange with gateway.
 iii) IKE tunnel is setup with some traffic selector range TSi and TSr
iv) UE wants to modify the TSi and TSr.
v) UE sends IKE Informational exchange with updated TSi and TSr to gateway..

Does Strongswan support sending the line (v) listed above ?
In other words is routing rule modification via IKE informational exchange
supported in Strongswan  ?

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