[strongSwan] setting up a mac os x client

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Wed Dec 10 10:26:38 CET 2014

Hi Cindy,

> I've been reading through this [AppleIKEv2Profile] and particularly
> the Certificate section. Assuming I have a 10.10 and above, is this
> what I need to do to setup a vpn client??

Unfortunately, despite some other information floating around, OS X
10.10 does not support IKEv2 and the associated configuration profiles.
This is supported in iOS 8+ only, and I've updated the Wiki page

For OS X, you'll have to stick to IKEv1 with XAuth if you want to use
the native client [1]. If you want to use certificate authentication
only, you need to configure the connection through (IKEv1) configuration
profiles. Alternatively you may use the xauth-noauth plugin to use a
dummy XAuth round and just rely on certificate authentication.

You can also try the strongSwan IKEv2 OS X App [2], but it currently
supports EAP username/password authentication only.



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