[strongSwan] ipsec doesn't honor environment variables

Igor Sverkos igor.sverkos at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 29 16:03:08 CET 2013


`man ipsec` says:

       The  following  environment  variables control where strongSwan
finds its components.  The ipsec command
       sets them if they are not already set.

       IPSEC_DIR               directory containing ipsec programs and
       IPSEC_SBINDIR           directory containing ipsec command
       IPSEC_CONFDIR           directory containing configuration files
       IPSEC_PIDDIR            directory containing PID/socket files
       IPSEC_SCRIPT            name of the ipsec script
       IPSEC_NAME              name of ipsec distribution
       IPSEC_VERSION           version numer of ipsec userland and kernel
       IPSEC_STARTER_PID       PID file for ipsec starter
       IPSEC_CHARON_PID        PID file for IKE keying daemon

So from reading the man page I would expect that I can set IPSEC_CONFDIR
and when I invoke ipsec, that it would use my defined IPSEC_CONFDIR

But when you read /usr/sbin/ipsec you will notice that the script doesn't
honor the already set environment variables, instead it will always set
(overwrite) them with some defaults.

This seems to be already discussed before on the mailing list, but wasn't

Should I fill a bug or will you do? At least, if you don't want to support
that, you should fix the documentation. Or am I wrong?


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