[strongSwan] How to setup only one VPN connection for a single road warrior with dual IP addresses (v4 and v6) using IKEv2 in strongswan-5.0.0?

Mao, Zhiheng zmao at qualcomm.com
Fri Aug 24 07:15:41 CEST 2012

Hi there,

I have a road warrior Carol with dual IP addresses (one IPv4, and the other IPv6), and it needs VPN remote access from the gateway Moon. I know how to set up two separate connections in ipsec.conf, one for IPv4 and the other for IPv6. But this approach appears more like setting up two VPN connections for two different clients, each with its own "rightid" in the ipsec.conf file. I am wondering if it is possible to setup only one connection for Carol, but be able to route both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic through this single tunnel? Any sample configurations would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot!


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