[strongSwan] Missing "ikev2/nat-portswitch" and "ikev2/nat-rw-mixed" tests on www.strongswan.org

NGO MAEMBLE Ruth-Stephanie ruth-stephanie.ngomaemble at thalesgroup.com
Mon Apr 2 14:50:25 CEST 2012


I am using strongswan-4.6.2 that I downloaded on the website www.strongswan.org<http://www.strongswan.org/>. I noticed that I had 310 tests, instead of the 308 ones that we can see on the website. In fact, two tests have disappeared on it : "ikev2/nat-portswitch" and "ikev2/nat-rw-mixed". On my computer, both failed. The first one indicates a certificate invalidity (alice's certificate is invalid from September 2009) and the second one failed for a reason that I ignore.

Finally I'd want to know why these two tests are no longer in the tests you launched about a month ago.

Thanks and best regards,

Stéphanie Ngo Maemble

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