[strongSwan] Porting to uclinux no mmu-version

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Tue Mar 8 14:36:56 CET 2011

Hi Jerome,

> I am doing the porting to the uclinux with none mmu.
> Is there anyone have previous experience?

I've never tried it, and probably it is not that trivial.

> However, it got some "undefined reference to xxxx" compile errors.

Currently our build system does not support a completely static build.
While plugins can be built-in using the --enable-monolithic option,
linking our libraries statically does not work. It probably is possible,
but would require some work.

How does uClinux handle multi-threaded applications? We have at least
for charon rather tough requirements to the threading subsystem (should
be mostly POSIX compliant).


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