[strongSwan] Porting to uclinux no mmu-version

ChihWei chihweifc at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 14:30:53 CET 2011

    Summary the issues I solved until today.
     1. dlopen liked function.
           I fake those function, and add some print to capture what 
plugin the default charon will load.
           Then, I modify the load_plugin function. Let it directly open 
the xxx_create_plugin functions by comparing the plugin name. Now, the 
plugins can loaded.
    2. The EL: not found error while running a binary
           This is the issue about file system format. NIOS2 platform 
support flt file format. So while compiling strongswan,  I added the 
--elf2flt flag.

    Could anyone have the idea that to make IPSEC IKEV2 work success 
what modules are needed?
    I trace the source code. I found out the ipsec script in sbin/ wake 
up the binary starter (ipsec start).
    Then the starter will wake up the charom daemon.
    Later, ipsec script wake up binary stroke ( ipsec up XXXX)
    I guess stroke will control the charon, I haven't traced that.


於 2011/3/10 下午 07:16, ChihWei 提到:
>  Hello Martin,
> Thanks for your quick reply.
> I have done the compilnatoin with NIOS2 cross compiler on 
> uclinux-no-mmu by switching the sequence of including library in 
> Makefile.
> However, the strongswan cannot bring up by using the ipsec script.
> It is the poor ability of uclinux shell.
> Yes, you are right. This is not that trivial.
> To make the compile pass, I fake the dlxxxx liked function ex: dlopen, 
> dlsym dlclose....
> Because the uclinux-no-mmu kernel doesn't support dynamic link library.
> I add some print message in my fake dlopen funciton.
> The target is capture what library name will include runtime. And I 
> change those library from dynamic calling to static. ( Actully I never 
> have such that experience........)
> BTW, I also tried the binary directly. (>./starter) But I got the "EL: 
> not found" error.
> I even don't know where is this error comes from.............
> I am not that understand how  uclinux handle multi-threading.
> The versoin i used supports multi-threading and vfork.
> Could you give me an idea or reference about the working flow and 
> interactions of strongswan module? It may help me understand the 
> running flow of strongswan.
> Regards,
> Jerome
> 於 2011/3/8 下午 09:36, Martin Willi 提到:
>> Hi Jerome,
>>> I am doing the porting to the uclinux with none mmu.
>>> Is there anyone have previous experience?
>> I've never tried it, and probably it is not that trivial.
>>> However, it got some "undefined reference to xxxx" compile errors.
>> Currently our build system does not support a completely static build.
>> While plugins can be built-in using the --enable-monolithic option,
>> linking our libraries statically does not work. It probably is possible,
>> but would require some work.
>> How does uClinux handle multi-threaded applications? We have at least
>> for charon rather tough requirements to the threading subsystem (should
>> be mostly POSIX compliant).
>> Regards
>> Martin

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