[strongSwan] Recommendation for IKEv2 Capable Client on Win XP

Andreas Steffen andreas.steffen at strongswan.org
Mon Nov 8 18:22:58 CET 2010

Yes, your statements are correct.



On 08.11.2010 15:25, Holger Rauch wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> thanks a lot for your quick reply. But strongSWAN 4.5.0 doesn't seem
> to be usable as of yet on FreeBSD, according to a recent post by
> Riaan Kruger to this mailing list. He is also the maintainer of the
> FreeBSD port.
> So, if I understand correctly, the solution for supporting Win XP
> clients is either:
> - run strongSWAN on Linux where pluto (required for IKEv1) is
> supported so that one can use free IPSEC clients on the Win XP boxen
> (as there seem to be no free IKEv2 capable IPSEC clients for Win XP
> available) or
> - run strongSWAN on FreeBSD where (at least at present) only charon
> (required for IKEv2) is supported and buy the corresponding number of
> licenses for SafeNet's HAremote client which seems to support IKEv2
> flawlessly.
> Did I get this right or am I missing anything?
> Thanks for clarification & kind regards,
> Holger

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