[strongSwan] Pluto clears SAD and SPD on exit

Владимир Подобаев vpodobaev at mail.ru
Mon Nov 8 19:00:34 CET 2010

We are using IKEv1 and also we install some our xfrm policies and states (not
related to pluto). When pluto finishes - it clears not only its own SAs and
SPs, but ours also. 
Is it possible to force Pluto not to clear foreign policies on exit? 
Or can you show us where we should patch the Pluto code? On first glance we
couldn't find where Pluto flushes all policies and states. Maybe somehow
it thinks the foreign policies to be its own and clears them by mistake?
To reproduce the situation we've added our policies, then started pluto
(without any connections), then shut down pluto. And all our policies and SAs
were wiped out.
Great thanks in advance!
Best regards, Vladimir

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