[strongSwan] Debian Package Re: ANNOUNCE: strongswan-4.3.6 released

Daniel Mentz danielml+mailinglists.strongswan at sent.com
Tue Feb 23 19:37:41 CET 2010

strongSwan 4.3.6 is the latest version but Debian and Ubuntu still ship 
4.3.2 which is about 8 months old. I believe that a lot of users would 
benefit from a more up-to-date Debian package. I know you can always do 
a "make && make install" but Debian users usually prefer taking 
advantage of Debian's excellent package management system. This is even 
more important for Ubuntu users who are using Ubuntu as a replacement 
for windows and are not so familiar with Linux system administration.

Is there somebody out there who knows Rene Mayrhofer, the package 
maintainer, well? Maybe one could ask him very nicely if he could 
possibly update the package.


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