[strongSwan-dev] configure broken?

Keith Kaple kak at cisco.com
Wed Feb 20 20:07:09 CET 2013


Did a recent commit break configure?

I ran autogen.sh and then configure with only a --prefix option..

checking gmp.h version >= 4.1.4... yes
./configure: line 16325: syntax error near unexpected token `soup,'
./configure: line 16325: `      PKG_CHECK_MODULES(soup, libsoup-2.4)'

I'm not a configure expert, but it looks like there is a null if/then directive at line 16315...not sure if that's allowed:

        ac_fn_c_check_header_mongrel "$LINENO" "unbound.h" "ac_cv_header_unbound_h" "$ac_includes_default"                                                             
if test "x$ac_cv_header_unbound_h" = x""yes; then :                                                                                                                    
  as_fn_error $? "UNBOUND header unbound.h not found!" "$LINENO" 5                                                                                                     

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