[strongSwan] IPsec drop policies 2

reterverv ercertecrterc bernd1293 at inbox.lv
Sat Feb 1 10:28:07 CET 2020

> It doesn't "stop working". It enforces your configured policies.

Hello Noel.

If "swanctl --load-all" enforces my configured policies and does not stop, then how can I start the swanctl.conf after that?
I can't type anything into the terminal after "swanctl --load-all".

Look at the picture: https://abload.de/img/swanctlwbk6a.jpg

Did the output of "swanctl -q ; ip x p ; swanctl -P ; ip route show table all ; ip rule ; iptables-save ; swanctl -u --child dropall" help you?

Best regards


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