[strongSwan] IPsec routing

bluesky787 at posteo.de bluesky787 at posteo.de
Thu Nov 7 17:03:44 CET 2019

Hi Noel,

Output from iptables-save can be found here:

Output from "iptables-save -t nat" can be found here:

By pinging myself at, I wanted to point out that this 
subnet is registered and associated with a network device.


Am 06.11.2019 22:28 schrieb Noel Kuntze:
> Hello Bluesky787,
> Please pastebin the output of `iptables-save`.
> P.S.:Pinging your own IP is quite useless because it only tells you if
> your communication over loopback works. ;)
> Kind regards
> Noel

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