[strongSwan] VICI event callbacks

Modster, Anthony Anthony.Modster at Teledyne.com
Tue Jun 11 20:36:12 CEST 2019


Are application is using strongswan VICI, event callbacks for VPN status.

The following events we want to detect using the "event callbacks".

? is the below possible, and what parameters in the "event callback" should we monitor.

Itemized list of conditions that trigger switching from VPN mode to non-VPN mode:

1. Gateway rejected the connection attempt due to authentication failure
   UPN not approved client in gateway configuration
   COMM+ cert revoked

2. COMM+ rejected the connection attempt due the following errors:
   algorithm mismatch?
   right id mismatch with received certificate DN
   gateway certificate revoked

3. No response from gateway
   initial VPN connection attempt (no response to IKE_INIT, no response to subsequent packets)


  *   current version is: strongswan swanctl 5.5.1


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