[strongSwan] A couple of offerings for the community

Tobias Brunner tobias at strongswan.org
Mon Jan 28 10:32:47 CET 2019

Hi Derek,

> (1) An IKEv2 profile importer for Windows 10, modeled on the
> strongSwan profile importer for Android:
> https://github.com/dcamero2016/vpn-importer

Nice idea.  local.ca is wrong, though, it's the CA certificate to verify
the remote's certificate, it hasn't necessarily anything to do with the
client's authentication or certificate (i.e. should be remote.ca, or
remote.cert to keep it compatible with our format).  And why change
local.p12 to local.pfx?  (It's still a PKCS#12 container, no?)


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