[strongSwan] Windows Client - Multiple Connections, Multiple Certs

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IIRC from when I looked at this, I was able to have two completely different servers configured on my Win10 client, and it worked correctly. I think the trick is to make sure that each VPN server has a different hostname (duh), and that the VPN SAN keys in the certs contain the FQDN hostname.

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Hi Tom,

> I do not see anywhere that I
> can specify which certificate the client should use for a given connection.

I think you can only do that with EAP-TLS (i.e. not with machine
certificates) where you might actually get prompted for a certificate if
there are multiple and the advanced VPN options (via adapter options on
Windows 10) even provide a setting to pre-select a specific certificate
to use (via issuer/CA and/or EKU).


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