[strongSwan] does Chinese ascii characters accepted in 'Subject' of certificates by strongswan

Yogesh Purohit yogeshpurohit2 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 07:27:10 CET 2019

Hi Team,

I had a question regarding 'Subject' of certificate.
Is Chinese Ascii characters allowed in subject of certificates used in
authentication while negotiating the ipsec tunnel in ikev2 ?

eg: subject line for my certificate is :

C=IN, ST=測試邊緣, L=測試邊緣, O=測試邊緣測試邊緣, OU=測試邊緣, CN=測試邊緣測試邊緣

So can I configure this certificate in peer side and add the string in
'rightid' in ipsec.conf on my local machine.

Does strongswan support it ?

Best Regards,

Yogesh Purohit
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