[strongSwan] Problem: "unable to install policy -the same policy for reqid XXXX exists "

Sven Anders anders at anduras.de
Fri Nov 30 22:14:38 CET 2018

Am 28.11.18 um 11:31 schrieb Tobias Brunner:
> Hi Sven,
>> So the problem is known?
> Not really, but maybe something changed that avoids the issue, and I
> don't particularly fancy debugging old versions.
>> Which version should I use at least. Will 5.6.3 be enough or
>> should I use 5.7.1 instead?
> If you consider updating, use the latest.

I will do it, but it will take some time until we can deploy it
to the customer...

>> There are many request and the log file is very long.
> So?
>> What kind of message do you expect or what should I search for?
> For instance, messages around refcount changes of the policies.  You can
> also post it somewhere for us to have a look at.

Thank you,

I will send you a link to download it. If anybody want the log output too, to analyse
it, I will send you the link.

 Sven Anders

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