[strongSwan] Problem: "unable to install policy -the same policy for reqid XXXX exists "

Sven Anders anders at anduras.de
Fri Nov 23 16:48:51 CET 2018

Am 23.11.18 um 11:11 schrieb Tobias Brunner:
> Hi Sven,
>> We are using strongSwan 5.6.2 on a Linux kernel 4.1.39.
> Try using a newer strongSwan version.

So the problem is known?
Which version should I use at least. Will 5.6.3 be enough or
should I use 5.7.1 instead?

>> The installed policy (in this case) is the following:
>> src dst
>>         dir out priority 379519 ptype main
>>         tmpl src dst
>>                 proto esp spi 0x0f95ddf2 reqid 4388 mode tunnel
> Use the full log to see why it may have been left there.  That log
> snippet you added is not really useful.

There are many request and the log file is very long.
What kind of message do you expect or what should I search for?

>> I already tried to change "auto=add" to "auto=route", which I found in a description
>> of a similar problem, but that changed nothing...
> auto=route makes no sense on a gateway for roadwarriors.

Ok, just read about it in another similar problem and this was one idea
to solve it (the race condition?)...

 Sven Anders

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