[strongSwan] 回复: auto=route, but packet can't trigger a acquire to negotiate a ipsec tunnel

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Fri May 25 19:08:18 CEST 2018

thanks for your response.I install strongswan on centos7.2, does it can't support kernel-ipsec?I run'./configure ..... --enable-kernel-ipsec' it shown warning, can't find kernel-ipsec, how can i do?

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在2018年05月25日 20:03,Tobias Brunner 写道:

>     I configured a ikev2 , net-to-net, psk, i can use "ipsec up" command
> to establish tunnel, but it can't established by a coming traffic, of
> course, the ttraffic can match the rule.

The kernel-libipsec plugin does currently not support trap policies.  So
disable that plugin and use the kernel's IPsec stack instead (via
kernel-netlink plugin).

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