[strongSwan] Bug #1772705 : IKEv2 VPN connections fail to use DNS servers provided by the server / follow-up

Vincent Gatignol vincent.gatignol at braincube.com
Tue Jul 24 18:49:38 CEST 2018

Le 24/07/2018 à 18:10, Tobias Brunner a écrit :

Hi Vincent,

Hi Tobias,
Thanks for the quick reply !

We are facing this issue too :


You are not, that bug has been fixed.

fixed in cosmic (5.6.2-2ubuntu1) but not in bionic (5.6.2-1ubuntu2), thus the upgrade from cosmic...

`systemd-resolve --status` show the correct DNS servers in the correct
order (1st got from the VPN, 2nd from the local DHCP)

There you go, that already contradicts the description of the existing
bug entry.

yes after the applied new version of the packages, the bug is then fixed.

But name resolution is still using the local DNS and even with a
NX_DOMAIN error, there is no switch to the other dns server.

Sounds like an issue with the systemd resolver, so you might want to
report that wherever appropriate.

Good news is that if I restart the service manually, the resolution is
good and we can access our hosts inside vpn.

I guess you mean systemd-resolved?

yes it is

Must I post a new issue (where please) ?


thanks for pointing that to me

I'll check and fire a bug report if needed, then post back the link here



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