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Hello Christian,

I guess the native Mac OSX client just doesn't support being connected to more than one server, so this can't be solved with it.

For Windows, you need to setup and run a DHCP server on the VPN server, which answers the DHCP requests that Windows (uniquely and only Windows!) sends over the VPN. You can use that to push routes to the client. Just use the same options as with "real" DHCP clients, requesting configuration from/on the LAN. This is described in the article about Windows interoperability[1].

[1] https://wiki.strongswan.org/projects/strongswan/wiki/WindowsClients#Split-routing-on-Windows-10-and-Windows-10-Mobile

Kind regards


On 07.08.2018 09:07, Christian Salway wrote:
> Hello all,
> After several months of using strongSwan, I still can't get the routing to work correctly on the clients.  I have run out of pages to read on the strongswan website so I hope you can help me out.
> The problem is when I connect to strongSwan, the routing is not configured correctly on the clients (OSX and Windows) - using native (built-in) clients. All updated with the latest patches/updates.
> OSX will set up a route based on the local_ts but when I open a simultaneous connection to another strongSwan server, it removes the route from the first VPN connection and adds it's own based on the local_ts.
> WINDOWS doesnt add the route at all.
> In either cause, I normally have to manually add the routes in.
> Has anyone had any success? Can they please shed some light as to how they achieved it?
> Kind regards,
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