[strongSwan] Cannot pass the traffic through the established tunnel.

Sujoy sujoy.b at mindlogicx.com
Wed Apr 4 10:58:58 CEST 2018

Hi list members,

  I am facing one issue with Strongswan for quite long time. I want to 
block all the traffic(http) and pass only the traffic of connected 
network. But after so many try, still I cannot do so. Bellow is the 
configuration status of the Server which is having multiple connection. 
It will be a big help if someone can provide any solution to this. 
Thanks for the support provide till now from the members.

root at cloud:~# ipsec statusall
Status of IKE charon daemon (strongSwan 5.6.2, Linux 4.4.0-116-generic, 
   uptime: 19 hours, since Apr 03 18:02:13 2018
   malloc: sbrk 2703360, mmap 0, used 570192, free 2133168
   worker threads: 11 of 16 idle, 5/0/0/0 working, job queue: 0/0/0/0, 
scheduled: 12
   loaded plugins: charon aes des rc2 sha2 sha1 md5 mgf1 random nonce 
x509 revocation constraints pubkey pkcs1 pkcs7 pkcs8 pkcs12 pgp dnskey 
sshkey pem openssl fips-prf gmp curve25519 xcbc cmac hmac curl attr 
kernel-netlink resolve socket-default stroke vici updown xauth-generic 
Listening IP addresses:
       tunnel:  %any...%any  IKEv2, dpddelay=30s
       tunnel:   local:  uses pre-shared key authentication
       tunnel:   remote: uses pre-shared key authentication
       tunnel:   child: === TUNNEL, dpdaction=clear
Security Associations (2 up, 0 connecting):
       tunnel[6]: ESTABLISHED 66 minutes ago,[X.X.X.X]...[]
       tunnel[6]: IKEv2 SPIs: 1e596ccc27d7939a_i c459f660671c3952_r*, 
pre-shared key reauthentication in 101 minutes
       tunnel[6]: IKE proposal: 
       tunnel{16}:  INSTALLED, TUNNEL, reqid 3, ESP in UDP SPIs: 
cc167350_i c722bb0f_o
       tunnel{16}:  AES_CBC_256/HMAC_SHA1_96, 0 bytes_i, 0 bytes_o, 
rekeying in 35 minutes
       tunnel{16}:   X.X.X.X/32 ===
       tunnel[5]: ESTABLISHED 76 minutes ago,[X.X.X.X]...[]
       tunnel[5]: IKEv2 SPIs: 6bac8f644b19cf85_i 07c5f9254cda6720_r*, 
pre-shared key reauthentication in 90 minutes
       tunnel[5]: IKE proposal: 
       tunnel{17}:  INSTALLED, TUNNEL, reqid 3, ESP in UDP SPIs: 
c3015f13_i ce6ea6b8_o
       tunnel{17}:  AES_CBC_256/HMAC_SHA1_96, 0 bytes_i, 0 bytes_o, 
rekeying in 36 minutes
       tunnel{17}:   X.X.X.X/32 ===


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