[strongSwan] VICI and multiple threads

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Hello Tobias

Thanks for the info on VICI.

Note: we spoke with Andreas on our original design, and he did mention the possibility for using DAVICI.
The problem at the time was Andreas lost the support person for this module. So we decided not to take the risk.

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Hi Anthony,

> ? is the VICI library considered thread safe
> Can a host use multiple threads to access the library functions.

You can't share VICI connections between threads, but multiple threads can call the library functions and operate on separate connections.  For third-party tools you might want to consider using davici [1], which has a more permissive license (libvici is licensed under GPLv2 like strongSwan, davici under LGPLv2.1).


[1] https://github.com/strongswan/davici

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