[strongSwan] split tunneling on android 5 & 7 (maybe 6) : no more access to "internet" when vpn launched

Sarefrech sarefrech at wanadoo.fr
Sun May 7 10:01:36 CEST 2017

hi all,


I'm wondering if some of you succedded in getting native VPN android app working with split tunneling on samsung devices.


I've tested android 5.3.3 & recently 7.x : as soon as I mount the vpn (ipsec/ikev2 based), I can not reach internet anymore (the default gateway does not not seem visible anymore).

I'm very carefull with TS and I'm sure internet traffic should still use the initial cell or wifi connexion wo going thru the vpn.

I have also tried the strongswan client with the same strongswan GW configration and... it is ok -> I can reach my "home" network & "internet" at the same time.


Maybe there are special parameters to set on the GW side to get it working with the native android VPN app. Any idea?


Best regards,


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