[strongSwan] Request details of usage of charon-cmd

John Tian yslh2011 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 09:51:35 CET 2017

I am totally new to IPSEC/VPN. Sorry in advance if I make some mistake or
other things.
I am reading *charon-cmd *wiki page(
*, but I am still confused how to use it.*
*When I set **"--profile ikev2-pub", which other parameters do I set? And
what about "--profile **ikev2-eap/*
*I tried to search with Google but failed to find the answer. I really
appreciate if you can show me examples to run *

*./charon-cmd --profile ikev2-pub ....**./charon-cmd --profile *
*ikev2-eap ....**./charon-cmd --profile *

*ikev2-pub-eap ....*

*Thank you.*
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