[strongSwan] macos SIerra as Client with IKEv2 and certificates?

Johannes Kastl mail at ojkastl.de
Thu Jan 19 08:26:41 CET 2017

Dear Kai,

On 17.01.17 09:48 Kai Bojens wrote:

>> As OSX apparently did not understand certificates before Sierra,
>> what kind of connection did you have before Sierra?
> eap-tls – and it worked fine until I upgraded to Sierra. 

I see, my Yosemite did not accept that, and I never used El Capitan.

> The first
> problem was that the upgrade to Sierra discarded our CA certificate
> without telling so. 

I just had a look and really, the CA is no longer trusted.

> That was big fun. But even after trusting the
> CA again the connection didn't work. The connection would be
> established but not traffic appeared anywhere.

I get no connection at all, two seconds between connect and disconnect.

I'll give this some time and try again, once Sierra seems to have
settled a little bit...


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