[strongSwan] macos SIerra as Client with IKEv2 and certificates?

Kai Bojens kb at kbojens.de
Tue Jan 17 11:30:11 CET 2017

Kai Bojens <kb at kbojens.de> wrote:

I haven't tried the password based authentication with Sierra as I prefer
> certificates. But I might think about it if everything else fails.


> Exactly every 8 minutes. And we have no clue why this is happening.
> According to the logs on the server and the client they just disconnect
> without any errors. Changing the dpd values had no effect.

I've now tried password based authentication – the connection works fine
then. But after exactly 8 minutes the connection goes away. The only line
in the log file is this:

checkout IKE_SA by message
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