[strongSwan] macos SIerra as Client with IKEv2 and certificates?

Johannes Kastl mail at ojkastl.de
Mon Jan 16 13:45:48 CET 2017

Hello Kai,

On 16.01.17 12:20 Kai Bojens wrote:

> I'm trying to get this combination running but had no success so
> far. It doesn't make a difference if I'm using the Apple
> Configurator or the GUI – nothing really works so far and there are
> no error messages I could work with. 

I think I read somewhere that the GUI would not support that,  but
that was El Capitan-based information. I have yet to try to configure
the VPN manually, but was hoping someone would step up and tell me the
GUI works before I dig into non-GUI...

> Everything worked fine until I
> upgrade to Sierra and now I can't get this back to work. Right now
> I'm assuming that MacOS Sierra indeed has some serious problems
> with IKEv2.

I can get IKEv2 with EAP (username and password) working trough the
GUI just fine. Does that not work for you? Or did you just try

As OSX apparently did not understand certificates before Sierra, what
kind of connection did you have before Sierra?

Johannes ;-)

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