[strongSwan] macos SIerra as Client with IKEv2 and certificates?

Kai Bojens kb at kbojens.de
Mon Jan 16 12:20:41 CET 2017

Johannes Kastl <mail at ojkastl.de> schrieb am Mo., 16. Jan. 2017 um 12:04 Uhr:

> Has anyone setup macos Sierra as a client with IKEv2 and Certificates?

I'm trying to get this combination running but had no success so far. It
doesn't make a difference if I'm using the Apple Configurator or the GUI –
nothing really works so far and there are no error messages I could work
with. Everything worked fine until I upgrade to Sierra and now I can't get
this back to work. Right now I'm assuming that MacOS Sierra indeed has some
serious problems with IKEv2.
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