[strongSwan] disable lease time of address pool

Nimo gnimozyu at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 12:05:37 CEST 2017


I'm using strongSwan 5.5.3 with Windows7 client by IKEv2.  And it works
fine. Thank you very much.
Then I have a question about lease time of address pool.

When I connect and disconnect two Windows7, e.g. Win-A and Win-B, then
"ipsec pool --status" shows below.

# ipsec pool --status
no dns servers found.
no nbns servers found.
    name           start             end  timeout   size      online
    pool       1h      2     0 ( 0%)     2

Then, I have to wait for 1-hour to be able to connect Win-C.
When I execute "ipsec pool --add pool --start --end --timeout 0", timeout become static.

How can I set the timeout zero ? or could you please tell me how to connect
Win-C quickly ?

takumi kadode
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