[strongSwan] VPN Gateway requirement

Tim Guy Tim at nsoptimum.co.uk
Wed Oct 26 12:16:24 CEST 2016

Hi everyone.

I am wanting to offer a 'cloud' based http/s service to my customers. Im not completely sure if to go down the MPLS route and offer them a managed internet connection or if to go down a VPN route, allow the customer to exit the internet via their on premise router but offer my services down a ipsec vpn connection.

If I did use the VPN option id need to offer site to multi-site solution that was reasonably manageable. That would stop customer to customer communication (Unless I allowed it).

I use Mikrotik routers normally but Im aware that they don't  handle IPsec bandwidth very well. I have access to x86 Intel hardware I think I could get better performance from a linux based solution.

My other option would be to buy a Juniper / Palalto / other VPN gateway but Im starting with a low budget and have access to hardware I already own.

I would have 1Gb internet connection and need to get 900+ Mb out of one VPN Gateway if I could (Im not sure how many customers would saturate the 1Gb connection)

Would Strongswan be worth investigating? Could someone offer another opensource / linux solution?


Tim Guy
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