[strongSwan] How to keep trying to connect even after NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN received?

John Brown jb20141125 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 09:24:06 CET 2016

Hello all,

 I have some problems with keeping my roadwarrior to keep trying to connect
to vpn gateway forever. It works when vpn gateway is lost or when
connection was fully established and was then lost.

But I have problem with situation like that: vpn gateway has some bad
config and beacuse of that road warrior receive NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN from
gateway (ikev2). And then road warrior stops trying to connect again even
if it has auto=start, keyingtries=%forever, dpdaction=restart (and dpd
timeouts set).

How can I force roadwarrior to keep trying to connect even after receive

I would like to achieve situation that when I fix vpn gateway configuration
the road warrior will connect automaticly.

Best regards,
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