[strongSwan] strongSwan with Let's Encrypt certificates

Laurens Vets laurens at daemon.be
Tue Jun 28 02:50:21 CEST 2016

On 2016-06-14 03:27, Fred wrote:
> On 14/06/2016 04:47, laurens at daemon.be wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> I've configured strongSwan following this guide a while back:
>> https://dcamero.azurewebsites.net/. Everything worked back then (3+
>> months ago). Unfortunately, I let the cert expire. I renewed it today
>> and now my connection to strongSwan doesn't work with the new
>> certificate.  Might anyone have an idea what I'm missing? As far as I
>> remember I didn't do anything special back then...
> You did add new private key to ipsec.secrets with password?
> What does syslog show?

Yes, that was done :)

As a followup, everything seems to be working now.

Can it be that the connection initially doesn't work because there's a 
discrepancy between the certs "validity: not before xxx", the time on 
the server and the time on the machine I'm testing from? (UTC on the 
server vs. Pacific Time Zone on test machine).

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