[strongSwan] VPN with preshared Key between BB10 andRaspberry-Pi

Yuri D p_port at mail.ru
Tue Jul 19 17:16:02 CEST 2016


So, as You have BB device, You can find good how-to on crackberry.com for
PSK-based VPN IPv4 with Strongswan. That how-to about Amason service, not
Raspberry device, but You can transfer it with ease. I tested it and it
works definitely.
Another thing You should to keep in mind - BB OS 10.3.0 and upper uses IPv6
for its services, so simple IPv4 shuts down everything from BBM voice to BB
Link and Blend.
So, You have 2 ways:
1) You can stay on OS 10.2 and You'll be ready to use everything with IPv4
2) You must to expand VPN to IPv6 for OS 10.3


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> Hi Christian,
> > Nevertheless, by removing: `eap_identity` I got the same result.
> You might need it, but that depends on the client.
> > On basis, I wanted to use StrongSwan as simple as possible without
> > certificates CA.
> That probably won't work as authenticating clients with EAP requires
> authenticating the server with a certificate to be standard-compliant
> (RFC 7296, section 2.16).  strongSwan can be configured to combine EAP
> with PSK authentication.  But that's not recommended, as anybody knowing
> it could impersonate the server, and most other implementations probably
> don't support this combination.  Using EAP-only authentication is also
> possible, if supported by the peer, but that calls for a strong mutual
> EAP method like EAP-TLS (EAP-MSCHAPv2 is not one).
> > Does that mean that in any case, you have to set-up a CA in order to
> > use strongSwan ?
> > Even with a VPN IKEv2 with preshared Key ?
> No.  If the client supports it you could, of course, use plain PSK
> authentication (i.e. without EAP).  Even though it's not recommended for
> larger roadwarrior deployments (again, anybody knowing the PSK could
> impersonate the server).
> Setting up a simple PKI (one CA certificate, one server certificate) is
> quite easy (see previous link).  You could also use a free certificate
> from Let's Encrypt or StartSSL, which your client might already trust,
> which would relieve you from having to install your own CA certificate
> on the clients.
> Regards,
> Tobias
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