[strongSwan] what's the expression of a range of address?

Thomas Egerer hakke_007 at gmx.de
Thu Feb 25 13:28:59 CET 2016

Hi Tony,

On 02/25/2016 05:03 AM, Tony.He 賀雙鳳 wrote:
> Hi,
>        Here is the topology.
>        local subnet -GW A ---Internet----GW B – local subnet
>        I want to only allow hosts whose IP addresses in a range to be part of the tunnel. For example, are allowed
>        in site A and are allowed in site B. Can anyone tell me how to configure? Thanks in advance.
> Best regards
> Tony
Try playing around with prips [1], this could help you dividing your
ranges into subnets/hosts. They can be configured as list of subnets
in. As for site A you would use


likewise for site B:


That's definitely no very convinient way. The alternative, using
firewall rules might come in more handy.


[1] http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/raring/man1/prips.1.html

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