[strongSwan] Transparently route all packets through a IPSEC tunnel - is this possible?

Carsten Schlote c.schlote at konzeptpark.de
Thu Feb 11 16:58:08 CET 2016


I need some help with the follwing question:

The idea is to forward all packets received on a given local interface or bridge interface to some other network over an IPSEC tunnel instead of using the default route. The other network will handle DHCP, DNS and sends appropriate packets back over the tunnel, as well it will serve as the default route.

Is it possible to route  packets that way with an IPSEC tunnel?

Or do I need some kind of DHCP proxy on the local interface, so that DHCP requests could be indirectly forwarded to some host behind the IPSEC tunnel?  That way the systems connected to the local interface could configure an IP and could be matched to the local side of the IPSEC tunnel. The DHCP answer would also configure a default route to some system behind the IPSEC tunnel.

Is this possible?

Any help, hints or weblink would be appreciated.


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