[strongSwan] nm-strongswan always requires a password for client keys

Nicola Feltrin nicola.feltrin at mailbox.org
Wed Dec 28 15:15:48 CET 2016

Il giorno mer, 28/12/2016 alle 14.47 +0100, Nicola Feltrin ha scritto:
> I’m a little bit of a noob, so I hope someone here can help me with
> some trouble I’m experiencing with nm-strongswan.

Please ignore my previous message. After talking with ecdsa we figured
out it was simply a permission issue. Had already discarded the idea
after giving 777 to the keys and certs, but apparently something else
is interfering (AppArmor? SELinux? Directory structure?).

Many thanks for ecdsa for providing super useful information and best
wishes to all,

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