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Bassem Mettichi mettichi at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 10:34:11 CEST 2015


I wish someone could answer my question.

I have established a VPN with another campany, they have a gateawy with
public IP and the subnet, the network behind the gateway contains public
IPs not private IPs ( 197.....),

The VPN is UP but i can't ping their network behind their gateway.

Please is there any way to know that my ping request is going inside the
VPN Tunnel and not outside the Tunnel?

Iam using Strongswan with Centos 6.5, i have done traceroute ip of the
campany but it didn't give any thing, i need just a commant or any thing to
be sure that my ping request is going inside the VPN.

I hope you could answer my question.

Best Regards
Mettichi Bassem
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