[strongSwan] INITIAL_CONTACT notification in responder mode

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Thu Jan 29 08:48:47 CET 2015

Hi Pavan,

> My question is whether INITIAL_CONTACT notification can be sent in
> IKE_AUTH response? If yes, in which condition this notification will be
> sent by responder?

Theoretically yes, but strongSwan never sends INITIAL_CONTACT as
responder, only as initiator.

While sending the notify as initiator can help to clean up any dangling
IKE_SA for that peer, that does not make that much sense as responder.
If an initiator creates a new IKE_SA, it most likely knows or could
check if there already is an IKE_SA with that peer, without relying on
the INITIAL_CONTACT from the responder.


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