[strongSwan] Charon crashes upon receiving SIGINT

Andreas Steffen andreas.steffen at strongswan.org
Wed Jan 7 07:38:59 CET 2015

Hi Bhargav,

strongSwan 4.3.6 is four years old. There might have been an issue
with SIGINT at that time but we certainly are not going to fix this
old version.

Best regards


On 06.01.2015 21:33, bhargav p wrote:
> Hi,
> I am observing the charon getting crashed when I sent a SIGINT signal
> when the traffic is flowing over the tunnel.
> Test Scenario:
>   I have established the IPSec tunnel between two linux boxes, and
> sending the icmp traffic through ping with 1000 packets per second
> interval from one end.
> And I am sending the SIGINT to the starter daemon on the other end,
> which will send SIGINT to charon daemon. Charon is crashing with the
> below logs:
> charon: 06[DMN] thread 6 received 11
>   charon: 06[DMN] killing ourself, received critical signal
>  From the bt, I cannot get the much information because it says
> corrupted stack.
> When charon is going down, charon will delete all the existing SAs and
> freeing up all the listeners.
> Enabled the debug logs, and checked that while the charon is going down,
> it is receiving the IKE_INIT request from the peer because of traffic
> and ble to parse it after this it[charon] is crashing immediately.
> I am using the version 4.3.6.
> It is happening everytime, as in charon, is there anyway to block the
> charon not to process the requests while it is going down?
>   Can someone help me in fixing this.
> As it is a simple setup, I am not sharing the configuration files used.
> Let me know, if I need to share the configuration.
> Thanks in advance.
> -Bhargav.
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