[strongSwan] xAuth request for VICI

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Wed Feb 25 17:49:26 CET 2015


> I have attempted to create the same configuration using a call to the VICI
> with this dictionary:

Have you tried to configure that in swanctl.conf to avoid any problems
with your "dictionary"? Here such an XAuth configuration works fine when
defined in swanctl.conf.

> This keeps returning this error: `1 config found, none that allow
> xAuthInitRSA using MainMode`

Not sure what exactly goes on. Can you confirm the the connection has
been successfully loaded. What's the output of "ipsec statusall" (or
"swanctl --list-conns")?

>                 'vips' : [''],

This is probably not what you want, "vips" requests a virtual IP. Use
the "pools" keyword and the appropriate "pools" section to define
virtual IP pools, refer to swanctl.conf(5) for details. This is probably
not the root cause of your issue, though.


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