[strongSwan] Regarding strongswan UCI support

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Wed Feb 25 16:49:30 CET 2015


> I am not observing init script to configure ipsec.conf and
> ipsec.secrets from /etc/config/strongswan  configuration file. Is this
> available in any patch or in any other release?  where can I find the
> init script for it?

We don't provide any init scripts from upstream (beside some systemd
service files); you'll have to use those provided by your distribution,
or write them yourself.

> I have one more question,  As per my understanding UCI infra will take
> the configuration from /etc/config/<module> and update the module's
> configuration file  and reload/restarts the daemon. Then what is the
> role of UCI plugin in strongswan?

Not sure what exactly OpenWRT provides. Does it generate ipsec.conf?

The strongSwan uci plugin is a configuration plugin in which the daemon
directly reads connection definitions from UCI files. It is rather
limited, and didn't get much love during the last years. It does not
provide enough functionality for anything more than trivial PSK


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