[strongSwan] Regarding strongswan UCI support

pothuganti sridhar pothuganti.sridhar at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 15:05:42 CET 2015

Hi All,

       I have compiled strongswan5.2.1 on openwrt attitude adjustment and
enabled UCI plugin. I am not observing init script to configure ipsec.conf
and ipsec.secrets from /etc/config/strongswan  configuration file. Is this
available in any patch or in any other release?  where can I find the init
script for it?

       I have one more question,  As per my understanding UCI infra will
take the configuration from /etc/config/<module> and update the module's
configuration file  and reload/restarts the daemon. Then what is the role
of UCI plugin in strongswan?

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