[strongSwan] Issue Connecting to Cisco Natted device using IKEv1

Paul Fitzgibbons paul.fitzgibbons at connectinternetsolutions.com
Wed Aug 26 17:52:03 CEST 2015

I have recently started using StrongSwan to connect to an IKEv1/IPSEC vpn on
a clients Cisco device.


I think I may have a strange issue. Or at least one that I don't currently


With the righted set to the public IP address of the Cisco device I can
bring up the VPN and StrongSwan reports "Connection Established"


If I then enter "strongswan status" No SAs are shown.  If I try and ping an
interesting IP still no SAs are shown.


If I then edit the ipsec.conf and change the righted to be the Nat'd address
of the Remote Cisco device, 

restart strongswan 

strongswan status 

I immediately get SAs displayed


If the system is rebooted I can then no longer connect and have to edit the
config back to the public IP, connect and edit/restart strongswan.


Any thoughts?  Has anyone else experienced this issue?


Thanks for any advice.







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