[strongSwan] Example of functional setup running strongswan ikev2 with os x 10.11 clients using ms-chapv2 ?

Roger Skjetlein rskjetlein at netrunner.nu
Thu Aug 6 16:55:15 CEST 2015


as the subject implies - do someone have a working setup for ikev2 clients,
specifically os x 10.11, but also ios 9 (or 8) ?

Have no problems connection windows clients version 7 through 10 by using
eap mschapv2 and a signed public certificate at the server. But not for
apple clients.

These are the last lines in log at server, before clients disconnects:
Aug 6 16:46:20charon: 11[JOB] <con1|63> deleting half open IKE_SA after
Aug 6 16:45:50charon: 11[NET] <con1|63> sending packet: from x.x.x.x[4500]
to y.y.y.y[45915] (356 bytes)
Aug 6 16:45:50charon: 11[ENC] <con1|63> generating IKE_AUTH response 1 [


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